402: Sugirthakala GOBIRATNAM

24 Apr

by eelamranjan

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam Assembly Election, May, 2010-North West London Region

402: Sugirthakala GOBIRATNAM


Sugirthakala Gobiratnam (Sugi) has been working for the Tamil people’s political rights and social welfare since her university days. Whilst studying Jaffna University Sugi was a member of “Marumalarchi Kazhagam”, a student activists’ organisation that campaigned for the Tamil freedom struggle in the eighties. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree, as well as a diploma in Management and a diploma in Advice and Guidance.

Since coming to the UK in 1991 she has been actively involved in political advocacy and social welfare on behalf of the Tamil community. She has been Policy director of the West London Women’s Refugee forum since 2008, having served as director and vice chair of Tamil Refugees Action Group (TRAG) from 2007 to 2009, and, before that, as secretary of the West London Refugee Women’s forum from 2004 to 2007.

As a member of the London Mayor’s advisory panel on Refugees and Migrants, she ensured consultation with the Tamil community on the Mayor’s draft strategy. Whilst working as a Women Welfare Worker for Tamil Refugee Action Group (TRAG), she initiated several projects tailored for Tamil women here. She won an award from the governors’ of North West London College in recognition of her services to the Tamil community in 2004, and a leadership award from the Brent Council in 2008.

She has been a longstanding and firm advocate of the Tamil people’s struggle for self-determination, speaking on public platforms, from Human Rights Day in Manchester in 1997, to recent AGM at West London Refugee Forum and performing in cultural events such as Ponghu Thamil and National Remembrance events, as well as publishing in Eela Murasu, Oru Paper and Tamil Guardian newspapers on issues of importance to the Tamil people.


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