401 – Jeyavani ATCHUTHAN

24 Apr

I Jeyavani ATCHUTHAN will be standing as a candidate for the TGTE elections, to be held on Sunday 2nd MAY 2010.

I will be representing the NW London Region and my Candidate Number is 401

Please come and cast your valuable Vote for me.

The Burden of our long struggle has been passed onto the Younger Generation. My skills and knowledge that I have gained through the Tamil Diaspora along with my willto work tirelessly for Tamil Eelam puts me in good stead to represent you and your voice.

My Aims are simple and clear:
1. I will ensure that there is a transparent policy within the TGTE for democratic process to be implemented at a transnational level.
2. I will work alongside members of the TGTE to bring about credibility for the organisation and gain recognition from the key  groups,
a. The Tamil Diaspora & the Global Tamil Community
b. The Tamil speaking people in our Homeland
c. The international community
3. I will make certain that the Tamil Woman’s Rights to equality will be protected.
4. I will support the formation of a Welfare committee to look after the widows and families of Martyrs, former combatants and families affected by the war.
5. I fully support the Guiding Principle No. six, to establish a THINK TANK to study issues of relevance in the South Asian regions that impact Eelam Tamils’ national question (re: ethnic conflicts).
6. I will ensure that the TGTE must ensure that those responsible for war crimes committed against Tamil speaking people are prosecuted and brought to Justice.
7. As a Teacher, I will encourage the members of the Tamil Diaspora to fund and assist existing schools in the homeland and increase scope for education and in particular develop new technologies in the homeland.  With the main priority of rebuilding the war affected schools in the north and east.


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