24 Apr


Kindly extend your support to Nimalan Seevaratnam who have worked tirelessly for over two decade for Tamil and Tamil Nation Cause. I plead to you to choose the right representative who are able to give their considerable time (at least for next 3 years) who have proven track record of being with the Tamil cause and are capable of taking forward the Tamil’s agenda despite the oppositions by the traitors, known and unknown elements.

It is our duty and rights to question each and every candidate and be satisfied that they are the right people to represent us. Let us take an oath to question each candidate & choose the right representative to build Tamil Eelam.

தமிழரின் தாகம் தமிழீழத் தாயகம். அன்புடன் அம்பிகை திரு. நிமலன் சீவரத்தினம் (தேர்தல் குறியீட்டு இலக்கம் – 408)

நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசுக்கான முதலாவது வேட்புமனு இன்று பிரித்தனியாவில் கையளிப்பு.:  CLICK



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