26 Apr


I am a very hard working and enthusiastic individual with good working experience as well as excellent people’s skills.

I was educated at Maha Vidyalayam Uruthirapuram, Senguntha Hindu College, Thirunelveli and School of Agriculture, Kundasale, Kandy, where I obtained first class pass in Diploma in Agriculture.

Then I worked for the Department of Land Development, in Sri Lanka as a Supervisor of Land Development Overseers (SLDO); after that with the Ministry of Agriculture, as an Agricultural Instructor.

Then came to London for further studies in agriculture, and did my Post Diploma in ‘Crop Protection’ and ‘Agricultural Development’.

I then entered University of North London and was successful in BSc (Hons) in Applied Social Science (Politics) obtained Upper Second class (2:1) pass. After that I entered London South Bank University, and was successful in Msc in development Studies. I obtained my Doctorate in social science (Politics) in the same university and my thesis was ‘Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict 1948 – 1998’.

Then I wrote a book on ’Sri Lanka: Ethnic conflict and Peace Initiation – A Historical Perspective 1948-2007 (Tamil)

I am in politics since the early 1960s, started with federal party. I actively participated most of the ahimsa and other non-violent ‘potaddam’. I am one of the founder members of the ‘Eelam revolutionary Organisers’ in London and work for that organisation in Europe, India and in Sri Lanka (1975 – 1990). My work involved advising Tamil refugees, dissemination and publication of information. The role included some public speaking at various functions both in Europe, India and in Sri Lanka.

Finally, a group of people included myself in London formed the Tamil National Council (TNC) and as its first project, it acted as the election commission for the vaddukkotai Resolution 1976 Referendum in Britain. We handle the matter successfully and obtained a very good result.


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