Vote for TGTE Candidate : Mr.S.YOGALINGAM, Candidate No. : 411, Candidate region : North West (NW)

26 Apr

Vote for TGTE Candidate : Mr.S.YOGALINGAM,

Candidate No. : 411,

Candidate region : North West (NW)

Dear My Tamil People,
I am standing for the forthcoming Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam election on 2nd of May 2010 as a candidate for North West London region (NW) my candidate number is 411.
Please vote for me to help our people back home. Please see my profile below for your information.
Please pass this to all your friends and family and encourage them to come out and vote.

Please note – Very important
“Voters in North West can vote for 5 Candidates”
“Voters must take a photo ID and Proof of Address”
Thank You
Mr.Sockalingam Yogalingam ( 07540 999 007 )
Candidate Name : Mr.S.Yogalingam 

Candidate No. : 411

Region : North West London (NW)

“I was born in Pungudutivu, Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon, and studied at Jaffna Central College until my first year of A/Level.
I came over to the United Kingdom in 1985 as an asylum seeker and continued with my education and worked for living, being a good law obeying citizen ever since.
I am married and have two children. I have done many jobs, such as Supermarket, Mc Donald’s, Credit Controller for a Pharmaceutical firm, Manager of a Cinema and currently working as a Negotiator for Estate Agent.
My involvement in politics does not go far as many but I am like you who believe in human rights which must be upheld to the highest level. I was very upset, especially by the way My own Tamil peoples were killed by the Sri Lankan army and other forces in Sri Lanka since 1983 and in particular in MAY 2009.
I had participated in many protests with other Tamil peoples such as…
In front of London Parliament for a cease fire to end the indiscriminate killing by the Sri Lankan Army, Navy and Air Force on our innocent Tamil People in the mid of May 2009.
Other protest which took places in Hyde Park and other areas.
In front of Lord’s ground in London for a boycott of the 20/20 final world cup cricket match, which were played by Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
I am working with “Act Now”, the Tamil Human Rights group who work with Tamils and Non-Tamils, to boycott M&S, Gap and other British/Western companies who import products from Sri Lanka and for which they get (still) the GSP+ allowance from the European Union.
The Results :
Ban-Ki moon (Secretary-General for UN) have appointed special advisory group to find out the Sri Lanka’s breach of human rights & Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.
European Union had suspended the GSP+ for 6 months and to review the situation later.
I believes we have to do more for our Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Over 100,000 innocent Tamils are still kept in the barbed wire barbaric camps and especially those 11,000 so called hard core LTTE supporters whose names or identities are NOT know to any body except the Sri Lankan Government. We must keep up the pressure on Sri Lanka (including boycotting) until they release all the Tamils from the camps and I will always work for Tamil Eelam.
Let us create our Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam that democratically elected BY OUR PEOPLE and FOR OUR PEOPLE to represent us (TAMILS) in the WORLD and show the world we are equel to you and raise our nation flag in United Nation.
MY one and only goal is “Tamil Eelam”, vote for me than I (was, am & will) pledge to work for Tamil Eelam, where every Tamils will have the Freedom and equal rights in Tamil Eelam.


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