109 – Senthinathan

27 Apr

Suntherampillai Senthinathan

Vote for  – 109

S. Senthinathan of the Tamil Action Rights Committee told the conference in London “There is now a creasing realisation on both sides that this ruinous conflict can be resolved through negotiations”.  

“The freedom fighters of Eelam have unilaterally declared a cease-fire. The Sri Lankan Government should reciprocate. This will pave the way for peace and reconciliation”.  

Mr. Senthinathan argued that the settlement should be based on the three principles proposed by the student leaders at the University of Jaffna and representatives of the Sri Lankan Tamils.  

He added that the three principles enunciated by student leaders of the University of Jaffna are self-determination for the Tamils, recognition of traditional Tamil homeland and self-rule for Tamils in their homeland.  

Mr. Senthinathan told the conference “In Britain so far, there has not been much constructive thinking and action to speed up the peace process in Sri Lanka.

“The object of this meeting is to share thoughts and ideas among people who are anxious to see an end to the bloodletting and promote a lasting peace settlement between the communities.


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