503 – Navaratnam Paramakumaran

28 Apr

503 – Navaratnam Paramakumaran

Below is my profile which I sent to TGTE in request:

“I was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon, and studied at St John’s College, Jaffna for my secondary school education. Came over to United Kingdom in 1975 to continue with further education and have been living here ever since. I am married and have a ten year old son and have been in the field of education and currently working as a Secondary school Teacher.

My involvement in political and voluntary work goes as far back as 1976, where I joined as a member of the organisation mainly devoted to the cause of the minorities of Sri Lanka, Tamils. That group was Eelam Revolutionary OrganiserS (EROS) in London. Whilst working voluntarily for EROS, I helped to form General Union of Eelam Students (GUES) the student movement at Eastham College of Technolgy.

In 1985 & 1986 I worked with Eelam National Liberation Front (ENLF), consisting of other like minded groups similar to EROS and working for the same cause (EROS EPRLF, LTTE & TELO). ENLF was formed to participate at Thimpu and then Delhi peace talks to find a long term solutions to our struggle, facilitated by the Indian Government, and in October 1986 I was a member of the ENLF team during Delhi Peace Talks.

In 1989, Myself and three other sports fans founded a club called Middlesex Tamil Sports & Social Club (MTSSC) and that is a vibrant club and serving the local community. MTSSC (http://www.mtssc.com/ ) is the only Tamil Club in UK recognised by the English Cricket Board (ECB).

In early 2009, while tamil people were being butchered by the GoSL, with the help of our Brent Labour comrades, including the current parliamentary candidates Barry Gardner, Dawn Butler and brent councillors, I moved for a motion against the GoSL. Which was then discussed at the Labour Conference and was adopted by the Labour Party. Now you may see that motion in our Labour Manifesto – page 69.

During the same period in 2009, I worked dilligently along with Mr. Sriranjan, Dr A K Manoharan and Mr. Raghunathy and formed the “Tamil National Council”, in order to conduct the 1976 Vaddukkoddai Resolution among our UK Diaspara. Objective of the original resolution was to define the rights and expections of the Tamils of Sri Lanka. With our tireless effort, we in the UK have united all of our UK Tamil Political movements.”

I have Diploma and Drgree and have been teaching in UK since 1987. I m a member of NUT (National Union of Teachers) and through them I am campaigning against GoSL.

Navaratnam Paramakumaran aka PARA


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