Election Candidates and Profiles – 30th April 2010

30 Apr

30th of April, 2010  Election Candidates Profiles For Immediate Release 


101: Miss. Arththy Arumugam

Arththy Arumugam is a Business Management and Commercial Law graduate, who has worked with a lot of Tamil youth over the years for the causes of Sri Lanka. She founded Ilam Thalir, a Tamil youth organisation who supported projects for TRO as well as raising awareness amongst the youth about the problems in Sri Lanka and educating them about the history of the Tamils. She was also a member of TYO and helped organize two of the biggest selling and most successful shows Ilam Thenral and Western Kuthu.

102: Mr. Kaviraj Shanmuganathan

Kaviraj Shanmuganathan is actively actively engaged with British Tamil Forum (BTF). He has had considerable involvement in taking up active programmes and projects undertaken by BTF to the people such as the Vanni Mercy Mission (Vanankamann), ‘Unlock the Key’ campaign, protests at Parliament Square and all mass Tamil protests held in London as well as several Tamil vigils.

103: Mr. Sasithar Maheswaran

Sasithar Maheswaran is a 25 year-old management post graduate with extensive history of working directly with our homeland. His interests include capacity building and micro-enterprise development, as well as strengthening of media. Sasithar lived in Jaffna until 1995, where he has personally experienced war and displacement.

104: Dr. Arumugam Kandiah Manoharan

Dr. Manoharan is the author of the book ’Sri Lanka: Ethnic conflict and Peace Initiation – A Historical Perspective 1948-2007’ and has been in politics since the early 1960s, starting with the federal party. He has actively participated most of the ahimsa and other non-violent ‘potaddam’ and is one of the founder members of the ‘Eelam revolutionary Organisers’ in London. His work has involved advising Tamil refugees, dissemination and publication of information, involving public speaking at various functions both in Europe, India and in Sri Lanka. He also helped form the Tamil National Council (TNC) and as its first project, it acted as the election commission for the vaddukkotai Resolution 1976 Referendum in Britain.

105: Dr. Karan Murugavel

Karan Murugavel, a 23-year-old doctor born and bred in East London to parents who fled Eelam following the outbreak of war. Karan was among the students who first took parliament square by siege in April 2009.  From the outset he was nominated by fellow youths to address the journalists because of his thorough knowledge and experience in public speaking. It was for these same qualities that he was nominated to meet EU representative Benita Ferrero-Walder in Strasbourg, where he lobbied the EU to work towards a permanent ceasefire. 

106: Ms. Vasuki Muruhathas

She is one of the few woman solicitors from Tamil Eelam working for Eelam Tamils from London. Many of you know her as a solicitor who always fights for the cause of Tamils and Tamil asylum seekers. Since the massacre that took place last year,she has got involved with Humanitarian Law Advocates and fully supported the Tamil Legal Advocacy Project and any organizations fighting for the Tamils rights.

107: Mr. Manivannan Pathimanabhan

Manivannan Pathimanabhan is a Business Management and Commercial Law graduate, who has worked with a lot of Tamil youth over the years for the causes of Sri Lanka. He have founded Ilam Thalir, a Tamil youth organisation who supported projects for TRO as well as raising awareness amongst the youth about the problems in Sri Lanka and educating them about the history of the Tamils.

108: Mr. Selvarajah Sellathurai

Selvarajah Sellathurai was born in 1951. After his education, he started working for public works department in Srilanka, and resigned his job in 1974 with the intention of not to work under Srilankan government. Since 1974 he started working for Tamils cause.

109: Mr. Senthinathan Suntherampillai


201: Mr. Nicholas Manoranjan

Nicholas Manoranjan believes in equality and fairness to all.  In his past workplace, he has been appointed by the union as a representative to address the hardships within the company.  The union has offered him to stand as a candidate for Labour Party in the forthcoming general elections.  However, as an Eelam Tamil, believes in contributing in more urgent matters.

202: Mr. Janarthanan Pulenthiran (Santhors)

Janarthana Pulenthiran has played a key role in the Tamil community; he was a former coordinator of a successful media team for a student run charity where he produced albums in aid of Orphaned children back home.  He is also a part-time music teacher at different Tamil Schools in London where he has use his passion and talents to help young Tamils achieve their aspirations.


301: David Joseph

302: Mr. Paramasivan Karthikeshan

Paramasivan Karthikeshan organises and promotes Tamil Cultural activities in London working and engaging the local community in the struggle for Tamil Eelam. He aims to continue to work hard in preserving the cultural aspirations of the people of Tamil Eelam

303: Mr. Jeyashankar Murugiah

Jeyashankar Murugiah is a political science graduate who  is currently researching “States Sovereignty, Genocide, And The Peoples Right To Self-Determination In The International Law And In Practice – The Sri Lankan Conflict as a Case Study”, at Lancaster University.

304: Dr. Namasivayam Sathiyamoorthy

Dr. Moorthy is the founder of the White Pigeon Charity and as well as being a well known practioner in Complementary medicine, he carries out medical programmes on IBC Tamil Radio, Deepam TV, TTN and other Tamil medias.

305: Mr. Ruthirapathy Sekar

Ruthirapathy Sekar played a key role in starting and developing the Student Organization of London Tamils, which was formally known as S.O.L.T, who campaigned for the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka in the hands of the Sinhala chauvinist government. He also worked closely with the other Tamil groups across the UK to organise demonstrations, cultural events and providing support to the fleeing refugees from the war torn Sri Lanka. His lasting commitment continued until 1993 before restarting his studies. He is now currently one of the committee members of Hillingdon Kalvikoodam in Hayes, Middlesex.

306: Vasuki Somaskanda

I am one of the thousands of victims faced, tormented and affected by the 1983 anti- Tamil pogrom. Since 1983, I have dedicated myself in taking part in activities to stop such atrocities committed against Tamil people. I will continue to do this until International community responds to our cry for freedom.  

307: Mr. Vadivelu Surendran

Surendran was an Active member of the Vadamaraachi student’s movement. He then became a sergeant of St John’sambulance and finally worked as a rehabilitation officer for a well known NGO before moving to the UK. During the past 15 years he has been involved in almost all of the major activities related to the Tamil freedom struggle.

308: Mr. Thanikasalam Thayaparan

Thanikasalam has worked closely with associations that have a real interest in improving the lives of the Tamils. As well as this he extremely interested in promoting the Tamil language and culture to the younger generation. He was thoroughly involved in the Tamil schools in London and is currently the Headteacher of Hillingdon Kalvikoodam and Berkshire Kalvikoodam (which includes Reading & Langley). He works closely with other Tamil scholars around the world to improve the teaching techniques using new technology. In 2009 all the Tamils who live in Berkshire formed the Berkshire Tamil Forum and he is still the president.

309: Mr. Appathurai Vairavamoorthy

He has worked in the design and construction of many civil engineering projects in Srilanka. He is also the founding member of the Hindu Association of Great Britain, founder secretary of the Britannia Hindu Shiva Temple Trust, founder secretary of the Standing committee of the Tamil speaking people (SCOT), founder member of the Valar Eelam Trust.


401: Mr. Jeyavani Atchuthan

She is a qualified teacher who is a member of the British Tamils Forum (BTF) who has the responsibility of Humanitarian & Human rights issues- for the Harrow Tamil forum. She has been key to the organisation of the ‘Launch’ which was well received and attended by local MP’s and former MEP’s.

402: Mr. Sugirhthakala Gobiratnam

Sugirhthakala Gobiratnam (Sugi) has been working for the Tamil people’s political rights and social welfare since her university days. Whilst studying Jaffna University Sugi was a member of “Marumalarchi Kazhagam”, a student activists’ organisation that campaigned for the Tamil freedom struggle in the eighties. She has been the secretary of the West London Women’s Refugee forum before becoming Policy director in 2008, having served as director and vice chair of Tamil Refugees Action Group (TRAG) from 2007 to 2009. She has been a longstanding and firm advocate of the Tamil people’s struggle for self-determination, speaking on public platforms, from Human Rights Day in Manchester in 1997, to recent AGM at West London Refugee Forum and performing in cultural events such as Ponghu Thamil

403: Mr. Jeyananthamoorthy Senathirajah

Jeyananthamoorthy Senathirajah is a teacher and journalist who was a former member of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA).

404: Mr. Deluxon Morris

Morris, a Bsc graduate in Entrepreneurship, joined many Tamil organisations fighting for the freedom struggle, where he had the opportunity to meet fellow patriotic youths. Together they decided that it was in their hands to be the voice of our generation and take the next steps in our struggle, which led to him co-founding the prominent student movement “Students against Genocide of Tamils (SAGT)” in 2009. He has played a fundamental role in raising awareness of the Genocide not only amongst students but also at a regional level.

405: Mrs. Balambihai Murugadas

She is a forward thinking individual who has been a prominent member of the Tamil Activist Community since 1980s.  Over the past decade, she has been a leading figure among the Diaspora women and a strong advocate for the freedom and emancipation of women. 

406: Mr. Lalithasorubiny Pratheeparaj

Lalithasorubiny Pratheeparaj is a Bachelor degree holder in Accounting and Finance. She has a Diploma in Bharatha Natyam and Yoga and was a member of the International Committee of Red Cross, Girl Guides Association, YMCA and Tamil youth organisation for several years. . She has participated in TV debates, meetings with UK parliamentarians and engaged in political lobbying for the Tamil cause. She has narrated and orated poems and given speeches at Tamils’ events in Eelam and the UK. She is sociable and forward thinking and promises to unite the Tamil community from all ages behind the Tamil Eelam struggle.  

407: Dr. Sugantha Mala Radhakrishnan

Dr S M Radhakrishnan is a GP from NW London who started her own practice over 20 years ago. She is a member of the Tamil Health Organisation UK and is interested in getting involved with psychological and mental health problems as it has become a real need for Tamil people following the war and Tsunami in Srilanka. She also played a key role in the development of the Sunrise Southall community centre.

408: Mr. Nimalan Seevaratnam

He had taken part and played his role in every Maveerar Day and all other major events in the countries I lived in.  He was a member of SOLT since 1984 and president of SOLT in PNG since its formation.  He has served as the UK Lobby Coordinator for BTF.  He is currently the chairman of “Sivayogam”.

409: Mr.  Sivasambu Sivarajah

410: Mr. Sivapoosam Sukumar

Born in Jaffna, he came to the UK in 1974, where he graduated in mechanical engineering. Currently, he is a successful businessman residing in Harrow. At the age of 17, he joined the Freedom Struggle (Maanavar Peravai) and since then has continued to work for the Tamil cause for political independence right up until the present. He also served as a member of TGTE’s Country Working Group. If elected as a representative of TGTE, he hopes he will be able to carry on the good work, and make a substantial difference for our long-suffering community .

411: Mr. Sockalingam Yogalingam

Sockalingam Yogalingam is currently working with “Act Now”, the Tamil Human Rights group who work with Tamils and Non-Tamils, to boycott M&S, Gap and other British/Western companies who import products from Sri Lanka and for which they get (still) the GSP+ allowance from the European Union. He was very upset, especially by the way his own Tamil people were killed by the Sri Lankan army and other forces in Sri Lanka since 1983 and in particular in MAY 2009.


501: Mr. Vanniyasingam Gunaseelan

He is currently serving as the Managing Director of ‘Guna Trading’, ‘DK Enterprises’ and ‘Select Convenience’.

503: Mr. Navaratnam Paramakumaran

Navaratnam Paramakumaran is a secondary school teacher that has been involved in political and voluntary work since 1976, where he joined as a member of the organisation mainly devoted to the cause of the minorities of Sri Lanka, Tamils. That group was Eelam Revolutionary OrganiserS (EROS) in London. Whilst working voluntarily for EROS, I helped to form General Union of Eelam Students (GUES) the student movement at Eastham College of Technolgy. In 2009, he worked diligently along with Mr. Sriranjan, Dr A K Manoharan and Mr. Raghunathy and formed the “Tamil National Council”, in order to conduct the 1976 Vaddukkoddai Resolution among our UK Diaspara.  The objective of the original resolution was to define the rights and expections of the minorities of Sri Lanka.     

504: Mr. Logeswaran Sivasubramaniyam

505: Mr. Sinnathurai Sriranjan

Sinnathurai Sriranjan has been actively engaged in the affairs of our Tamil Community from his student days in the UK. When he came in 1976 and enrolled as a student of Technology. He has done many charity works in Eelam and helped physically and financially after the Tsunami disaster. He has also supported many projects at his school in Kokuvil Hindu College in Education and Sports. He was also largely responsible for organising and conducting the Referendum through Tamil National Council to find out the people’s aspirations in Great Britain.

506: Mr. Arumugam Vivekanandarajah

A Mechanical Engineering Graduate who has contributed to Eelam Tamils struggle since early days with Martyr Sivakumar.  He has played significant roles in many of the Eelam struggle related protests and activities that took place in the UK. 

Thank you. 

Election Committee (TGTE Elections UK)


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