The torch carrying young ambassadors of the TGTE

1 Jun

The torch carrying young ambassadors of the TGTE

From May 17th to 19th, 2010, Tamil elected representatives from UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, France and Denmark Norway and Sweden came to Philadelphia, the historical land mark of USA for its independent in 1776 – for the first assembly of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) with an illuminating message to the world that the democratic and political phase of Tamil people is well and alive.

Participating as the elected representative for the State of New Jersey at the Inaugural Sessions of the TGTE was a solemn, emotional experience that also enthralled the sense of Tamil pride and hope above all. The hope which shone like the sun through morning mist on that bright spring day in Philadelphia – that our resilience is rising along, especially with the younger generation of Tamils – elected as representatives and being very much involved in the progress of  TGTE…………….  READ MORE


One Response to “The torch carrying young ambassadors of the TGTE”

  1. Thillai July 1, 2010 at 9:31 am #

    KP fiasco !!!

    Sri Lankan Government is trying to divide and conquer the Tamil Diaspora.

    KP is custody.

    Sri Lanka is pointing gun at KP’s head.

    So, all his statements are coerced

    Sri Lanka is keep on dividing the Tamils by pitiching one political group against the other.

    The Tamils lost all their rights, sovereignty, economic infrastructure, education, wealth, land, and people and were reduced to slaves and refugees in their own land.

    It is a bitter truth that it was not anybody but the Tamils themselves are responsible for this state of affairs.

    Petty differences, disunity, jealousy, lack of co-operation and patriotism among the Sri Lankan Tamils are the main cause for their suffering.

    The Sinhala leaders took advantage of the disunity and other weaknesses of the Tamils to manipulate and divide them further and are continuing to do so.

    When will the Tamils learn?

    It is unlikely this situation can be changed until the Tamil politicians and officials truly realize the gravity of the situation and apply themselves sincerely to solving these urgent problems which still exists within the Tamil community.

    The unity and solidarity among the Tamils (North, East, Upcountry, Colombo) and the Tamil speaking Muslims is the number one priority, they should unite under one umbrella. These people (leaders) have to decide whether or not the Tamils are to continue living as slaves and refugees in their own land.

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