1 Jun


Quantum Leap Forward in Democracy; Invented by Tamils.

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I do not understand why a country like India is worried about the concept of transnational governments. If Multinational corporations are allowed to operate as Transnational Corporations providing goods and services why not a body politic taking over the social and cultural need of a community? What other forms of mechanism is available to protect the numerically small minorities?

India must grow up to free its people from feudalism and living standard disparities. Why does it bother India if the Tamil brethren in various part of the world want to provide minimum basic living facilities to people in South India? Either they should go it or let some one else do it. The request to India is if you don’t want us to do it, you do it. All we are trying do is to equalise the disparity in the standard of living. No one is interested in diving India unless the Indian people feel that they are being marginalized. That is why India has to grow up. You cannot have it both ways. Either let the people go or let the people be free. Human freedom must be translated into Human rights, if not it is bound to fail. Every citizen must have equal right to his freedom within parameters set by the people themselves……………. READ MORE


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