‘Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam’ to assist UN panel

1 Jul

‘Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam’ to assist UN panel

The head of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam Visvanathan Rudrakumarn has offered to co-operate with the UN panel appointed by UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon to advice him on Sri Lanka and also urged the committee to protect witnesses who come forward to testify. The Rudrakumar has urged the panel to eventually publish its findings in order to ensure complete transparency, to help launch a needed public discourse about the violations of international law and to undertake the necessary remedial measures to ensure that this shall never happen again.

“We therefore offer our full cooperation to the UN’s panel of investigators and we are willing to provide a large number of first-hand evidence to aid the panel. Despite the panel’s declaration not to visit the country, we call the UN to independently and freely gather first-hand accounts about the atrocities committed from the very population of the Vanni region, who will be able to depict the reality of the massacres,” US based Tamil activist and a head of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam Visvanathan Rudrakumarn said…………  read more


3 Responses to “‘Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam’ to assist UN panel”

  1. johannes July 2, 2010 at 4:06 am #

    I hope this is the begining of many statements until the Tamil’s are FREE. Tamils are human too.
    The goal is the same but the methods are different, let us start this new peaceful journey for the voiceless and vulnerable people of Ceylon and especially for the Tamils in the North & East.
    Dear Sinhalese & Muslim friends it is the Tamils who are facing extinction today, what is the guarantee it won’t be you tomorrow, for personal political gains.
    God bless the peace makers!

    • Sri Lankan June 2, 2011 at 6:21 am #

      Here are some names of the tamils killed by the LTTE tamil fighters (hope these names were given to the UN as well), thanks to the Dollars and Sterling Pounds contributed by the TGTE members.

      1) Anthonimuttu Government Agent, Baticaloa
      2) S S Jeganathan Assistant Government Agent, Baticaloa
      3) Sinnadurai Assistant Government Agent, Trincomalee
      4) M E Kandasamy Principal, Palugamam Maha Vidyalaya
      5) S Siththamparanathan Principal, Vigneswara Vidyalaya, Trincomalee
      6) S Wijayanadan Distric Secretary, Ceylon Communist Party
      7) Velmurugu Master TULF Organiser and Citizens Committee Member, Kalmunai
      8) Rajjshankar President, Citizens Committee, Tennamarachchi
      9) S Sambandamoorthy Ex TULF Chairman, District Development Council, Batticaloa
      10) V M Panchalingam Government Agent, Jaffna
      11) A T Duraiyappah SLFP Mayor for Jaffna
      12) A Thiagarajah Ex ACTC MP for Vadokoddai who later joined the UNP
      13) K T Pulendran UNP Organiser for Vavunia
      14) A J Rajasooriar UNP Organiser in Jaffna
      15) Mala Ramachandran UNP MMC for Baticaloa
      16) Gnanachandiram Ex District Judge, Point Pedro and Government Agent, Mullativu
      17) C E anandarajah Principal, St Jones College, Jaffna
      18) B K Thambipillai President, Citizens Cimmittee
      19) V Dharmalingam Ex TULF MP for Manipay and Father of D Siddharthan, Leader of PLOTE
      20) Alakasunderam Ex TULF MP for Kopay
      21) P Kirubakaran Primary Court Judge
      22) Kathiramalai Sarvodaya Leader
      23) Vignarajah Assistant Government Agent, Samanturai
      24) K Pulendran Assistant Government Agent, Kopay
      25) A Amirthalingam TULF Leader and National List MP (see details)
      26) V Yogeshwaran Ex TULF MP for Jaffna
      27) Dr (Mrs) Rajini Thiranagama Lecturer in Anatomy at the Jaffna University and co-author of the “Broken Palmyrah” (21 Sptember 1989)
      28) Ganeshalingam Ex EPRLF Provincial Minister for North and East
      29) Sam Thambimuttu EPRLF MP
      30) Mrs Thambimuttu Wife of EPRLF MP
      31) V Yogasangari EPRLF MP in Madras
      32) A Thangadurai TULF MP for Trincomalee
      33) Mrs Sarojini Yogeshwaran TULF Mayoress for Jaffna
      34) Pon Sivapalan TULF Mayor of Jaffna
      35) Canagasabai Rajathurai EPDF Member for Jaffna
      36) Veerahaththy Gunaratnam PLOTE member of the Pachchilaipalli Pradheshiya Sabha (PS) in Jaffna (5 May 1999)
      37) Razick, Supremo of the EPRLF’s armed wing (30 May 1999)
      38) Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam Leader of TULF (29 July 1999)
      39) N. Manickathasan Vice President of PLOTE (Tamil Political party working with the Sri Lankan Government)
      40) Kumar Ponnambalam President of All Ceylon Tamil Congress (5 Jan 2000) Refer to SPUR Media Release
      41) Vadivelu Vijeyaratnam Point Pedro Urban Council Chairman (14 Jan 2000)
      42) Anton Sivalingam EPDP’s Municipal Council members in Jaffna (1 March 2000)
      43) Kanapathipillai Navaratnarajah TELO member of Arayampathi, Batticaloa – on 7 June 2000
      44) Rajan Sathiyamoorthy Tamil National Alliance parliamentary candidate killed by LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists on 30 March 2004.
      45) Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar (Foreign Minister in Sri Lanka) 12 August 2005
      46) Kethishwaran Loganathan (54) Deputy Secretary General of Sri Lanka Peace Secratariat, SCOOP (12 August 2006)
      47) T Maheshwaran Former Minister shot dead on 01 January 2008 (New Years day)
      48) K Sivanesan Jaffna TNA MP K. Sivanesan killed in an accidental explosion of a LTTE Tamil Tiger Claymore mine in the LTTE held area (05 March 2008).
      49) Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorist’s Suicide Bomb Attack killing Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and 12 civilians (06 April 2008)
      50) Rev. Father M. X. Karunaratnam, Chairman of the North East Secretariat on Human Rights (NESOHR), a Catholic priest attached to the Jaffna diocese (20 April 2008)
      51) Ms. Maheswary Velautham Attorney –at-law and advisor to the Minister of Social Services and Social Welfare, Douglas Devananda shot dead by the LTTE Tamil Taiger terrorists on 13 May 2008 (Details in EPDP).


  2. romeshsenewiratne March 29, 2012 at 3:13 am #

    If you are genuinely interested in stopping genocide, examine the history and epidemiology of the AIDS epidemic closely. You will find that the AIDS genocide was orchestrated by the USA and its ‘allies’ to reduce the population in the Third World. This was an act of premeditated, calculated genocide using offensive biological warfare, targeting the native people of Africa (and later Asia and South America). What the TGTE calls “genocide” of Tamils is a red herring…the only genocide in Sri Lanka was one committed by the Tamil Tigers and their supporters in the West.

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